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Commenting on the Let Them Marry website is a privilege, not a right.

We here at Let Them Marry appreciate disagreement, even spirited disagreement, but in order to glorify God, any disagreements and all discussions should be carried on in a proper and orderly fashion. Comments that are not in line with the site purposes and rules explained below will not be published and may be deleted. Commenters who consistently violate any policy herein will be blocked from commenting on this site.


The following rules govern commenting on the Let Them Marry website:


1) This site was set up in order to discuss what God’s Holy and inerrant Word says about such subjects as marriage, the path to marriage, etc. It is not intended for any other type of discussion. If you wish to discuss what atheism, feminism, or any other heresy believes about marriage, you are free to find somewhere else to discuss that. If you wish to discuss stamp collecting or gun control, there are other sites for that.


2) Our site is intended to be a place where people seek to find what the Scripture says about issues, not where we discuss or attack people. No argumentum ad hominem (attack against the person) will be permitted on this site. You are free to disagree with someone’s ideas and even include the names of people who hold those ideas, quote where they have written them, etc., but no comments will be permitted that personally attack individuals. Nor will we tolerate false quoting or twisted paraphrasing of what another person has said. Do not say “Joe said this” and then proceed with something that Joe never actually said. We ask that those who wish to participate by commenting would use copy/paste whenever they quote someone. We also highly recommend that the quoted text actually be read before “responding” to it.


3) Our site is intended to honor God, including in the way that we use language. No blasphemy, foul language, or the like will be permitted on this site. Please use professional and respectful language when posting here. As this site discusses the subject of marriage, comments openly discussion sexuality will be permitted on an appropriate post, but we ask that you use medical language, not vulgar terms.


4) On our site we seek an open discussion in order to promote an understanding of Biblical truth. We encourage discussion on this site, even spirited discussion. However we do not welcome participants coming in and making a comment and then ignoring any subsequent questions, comments, or answers from others in response. Those who make a habit of this will be blocked from commenting on this site. If you do not have time to engage in any follow-up discussion about your comment, we ask that you not comment.


5) We encourage the posting of Scripture on this site. All Scripture references that are not from the KJV (AV) should be attributed with their translation. We do not encourage the use of paraphrases (Living Bible, Good News Bible, The Message, etc.) on this site, and participants should not post them as if they were Scripture. Paraphrase “versions” may only be posted as commentary.


6) The owners of the site have the responsibility to manage all discussion on this site. Failure to abide by requests from site administrators/moderators will result in the individual being asked not to participating in discussions and may result in being blocked from commenting on the site.


Commenting on this site constitutes agreement that you have read and agree to abide by these rules.

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