We Have Been Falsely Accused

There are internet rumors circling accusing us of pedophilia, and even reputable newspapers publishing stories which imply the same.

We do not advocate & have never advocated pedophilia.

We often use the term 'children' to mean 'people who have parents' without regard to age or maturity. We use this term because we think parents should be involved when their children get married. We have never used the term children to advocate the marriage of prepubescent children.

We believe that pedophilia is a sexual perversion which should be punished as a capital crime.

We have not been ambiguous about our rejection of pedophilia. We have clearly stated that pedophilia is wrong. Here is our original quote regarding this subject which can still be found on our old faqs page:

Are you endorsing child marriage or paedophilia? God forbid. We decry the way our society has sexualized children and do not endorse this whatsoever. We believe and teach that our sons and daughters should not be married until their secondary sexual development is complete.

In other words we're talking about post-pubescent men and women, we would use the word 'adult' except that it's a legal term which means 'older than 18', not a descriptive term meaning man or woman.

But we do use the terms 'men' and 'women'. A lot. Here's another link on the faqs page:

How young should people get married? We think that if people are honest with themselves, they really already know the answer to this question. When do boys become men and girls become women?

We have always and will always recommend that young men and women get married, not children. And we have never supported any sort of sexual activity outside of marriage.

Let Them Marry

There are thousands of Godly, Christian, young men and women who desire to get married & who are ready to get married, but who are not yet married.

Let Them Marry is a ministry dedicated to helping those young men and women navigate the path to marriage by calling the church to it's biblical roots.


We recently decided to reorganize and greatly shrink our website to focus on our core goals: helping young men and women get married & teaching what the Scriptures say about the path to marriage.

In the mean time we've decided to temporarily remove the original content of our site. Much of the content on our site was written with the discerning Christian in mind and was intended to help get Christians thinking about what the bible has to say about the path to marriage, and was not written to provide bite-sized summaries of what we believe.

We apologize to those who sincerely desired to read our take on what the Scriptures have to say about the path to marriage, but we hope to have a more edifying site up in the future. (Not necessarily the near future, our personal lives are very busy at the moment).


In the past our views have been greatly misrepresented, here we attempt to clarify any misunderstanding and put to rest accusations which have been made against us.

Do you support child marriage? No. Marriage is for men and women not boys and girls.

At what age do children become men or women? It varies. Every child matures physically at different rates. Mental, emotional and spiritual maturity vary even more.

What age is too young for a young man or woman to get married? We recommend that a young man or woman wait until the legal age to get married. Even if it was legal we do not believe that children (i.e. not grown men and women) should marry. We choose not to specify a particular age because it varies from person to person.

Do you support forced marriages? No we do not. Betrothal (called arranged marriage by many) is for those who agree with it.

What role should a father play in the marriage of his children? We recommend that Godly young men and women with righteous and Godly parents ask their father to seek a spouse on their behalf. We believe that Scripture teaches betrothal as the ideal method of getting married, and as a result those who trust Him will benefit by choosing betrothal.

Why did you take down the old FAQs (and other pages)? The old FAQs page (like our other pages) was long and included a lot of writing intended to edify Christians, it turned out that it was inadequate for the task of providing bite-sized quotes which correctly summarized our position.

Are you affiliated with the Duggars No. We have never met the Duggars and are not affiliated with them.


A note to those of you who have contacted us. We've received hundreds of messages through our contact page. Many if not most of these messages have been spam. As a result we've been unable to respond to most of the messages we've received.

We apologize if you left us a legitimate comment and we haven't gotten back to you. We hope to respond to every legitimate message but it will take us quite a while to catch up.